Selling your services as a DJ is complicated and tiresome. There is an abundance of DJs on the market, especially in cities such as Las Vegas. This is the main stumbling block for up and comers. How do you stand out from the rest and get people to hire you?

The first and most important thing to understand is that you need to have a name. By that I mean there has to be a good number of people who know you as a DJ and can easily refer you to potential clients. Most DJ gigs are done through word-of-mouth marketing. This is why you need to make a name for yourself. Novices especially get clients this way.

So, if you are a novice in this industry, the first thing you need to do is build an impressive enough portfolio to earn yourself friends in the business. This means that your first many gigs will not quite have the financial benefits you probably deserve for your talent. Creating a name for yourself is just as fun, though. At first, this is all you should be aiming for.

People need to know you as the guy or gal that can entertain a crowd. Truth be told, your clients will not really care how you set up and what you use to blast your music through the speakers. All the client wants is for you to entertain his/her guests. So, when looking to sell your DJ services (in Las Vegas or otherwise), always convince your client that your guests will be entertained.

A client wants to know that the DJ will do his/her job right because said a the client has a lot more to do when planning a party or whatever gig. The right DJ at least gives the client peace of mind—at least the guests will have good music. Since the party has a lot more planning to do, the client is not going to trouble him/herself looking through DJs until the right one comes along. In most cases, he/she will use a referral to hire the DJ. You want your name to be on this list. If you do get such a call, you should be able to convince your client within the first few minutes that you are the man/girl for the job.

If you want to make this entire process easy for the both of you, have planning forms. These forms can either be online or offline. Using these forms, the client can give you important information about the event. Tell the client of your planning system and wait for a reaction. The planning system has to be meticulous, though. It makes the sale easier if the client sees your attention to detail.

A good idea would be to register yourself with a website that deals with event planning. “DJ Event Planner” is one such website. This site gives allows the client to fill in a lot of details about the event (including selecting their preferred music). Such a service makes you as the DJ seem a lot more professional (although you don’t have to. If you prefer to go at it alone, you still can).

Once you have taken the client through your planning system and have assured him/her of the very best possible service, you can give a quotation. The best way to do this is by offering different packages with different prices for the client to choose from. This helps your image even more.

It is hard for a Las Vegas photographer, DJ, musician, or any other type of artist to get the very best jobs. This does not mean there aren’t any jobs available. You just need to work hard at it and you will get them.